First They Ignore You Then They Laugh at You Then They Fight You And Then You Win

Let them laugh at you today, life will laugh at them tomorrow…

You’re a dreamer.

An achiever.

And a go-getter.

But guess what?

They hate you.

You are doing things that nobody has ever done before.

And guess what?

They laugh at you.

You have become a warrior who faces challenges head-on.

But guess what?

They talk behind your back.

Now, all these people who hate you, all these people who laugh at you, and all these people who talk behind your back are the same people who can’t do anything better with their lives.

They’re so unhappy with their own lives that they mock you to mask their own feelings of failure.

These people are slopsuckers.

What they think about doesn’t f*king matter because they will never have the balls to even take a shot at what you’re doing.

You are way ahead of all this drama.

And you can’t just be bothered by these petty things.

The people that have achieved what you wanna achieve would never be hating on you.

The people that have accomplished what you wanna accomplish in life, would never talk sh*t behind your back.

And the people that have succeeded in what you want to succeed in, would never crack up at your expense.

So never forget those bottom feeders and what they said because the day you become successful, they will be the ones begging you for favors.

They’ll instantly switch sides and tell you that they always had your back.

But until then my friend, stay committed to yourself.

And don’t give a f*ck about the opinions of people who wouldn’t give a f*ck about you.

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