Be a Good Person But Never Waste Time Proving It

If you’re someone who genuinely strives to be a good person, you’ll never waste time proving to others that you’re a good person.

Only people who are insecure about themselves and seek external validation to feed their ego feel the need to constantly prove to others that they’re a good person.

Imagine a beautiful flower growing in a secluded forest, far away from any human presence.

It doesn’t seek applause, acknowledgment, or praise.

It doesn’t need an audience to validate its beauty or existence.

It doesn’t have to prove its worthiness to anyone.

It naturally exudes its beauty because it’s true to itself and its purpose, which is to grow, bloom, and contribute to the ecosystem.

Now all you gotta do is be like this flower.

When you are like this flower, you’re gonna be good for no reason.

You’re not gonna care about being right in the eyes of others.

You’re not gonna crave validation or applause for your actions.

And you’re not gonna seek to impress and outdo others just to feel good about yourself.

People are drawn to those who are genuinely good, not those who constantly seek validation.

So focus on being smart not looking smart.

Direct your efforts toward being smart not sounding smart.

And dedicate yourself to being smart not acting smart.

Nothing is more attractive than your authenticity.

But the moment you go about proving to others how authentic you are, that sh*t will backfire, and you’ll lose all your authenticity.

So don’t ever play that game.

Authentic goodness doesn’t require constant validation.

Being consistently good over time is more meaningful than occasional displays of goodness to prove a point.

Plus, people only hear what they wanna hear and haters are gonna hate you anyway, so why waste your time with explanations?

The only person you need to prove to is your own true self, not anyone else.

So don’t go seeking everyone’s approval, it will only leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Your actions are the most compelling proof of your goodness. Focus on doing good, and the evidence will accumulate on its own.

The next time you see an opportunity to do something good, don’t worry about whether everyone else will find out about it.

The sense of fulfillment that you get from doing the right thing far outweighs any fleeting external recognition.

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